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Therapy Laser

For over 30 years, laser therapy has been used to successfully treat conditions in humans.  We are pleased to offer this exciting benefit for your pet.  This laser therapy effectively treats many causes of pain in your pet without the use of drugs or surgery.  Your pet will not feel any discomfort during the treatments.  


Common conditions that can be improved with the laser therapy are:

  •  Arthritis
  •  Acute and Chronic Pain
  •  Back Injuries
  •  Sprains and Strains
  •  Inflammation and Edema
  •  Wound Healing


No owner wants to see their pet suffer from muscle and joint pain.  If you have noticed your pet slowing down, or having trouble with everyday activities, they may be a good candidate for the laser therapy.  Or if your pet has an acute injury, the therapy laser may speed the recovery period.  Call the office for further information or to set up your appointment today.


The benefits of laser therapy include:

  • Immediate results:  Most treated pets feel better in 12-24 hours after treatment
  • Extremely safe
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • No patient sedation required
  • Can be combined with other medications or treatments
  • Speed healing process